EUROPE at Wacken open air 2017-08-03

The scream4me team's first ever Wacken concert, its about time! And its our fellow countrymen Europe that hits the stage first for us. 

Ok sound desipte some heavy winds. Starting up with War of kings a little slow in my opinion. Followed by a standard sounding Rock the night. But then a great heavy version of Last Look at Eden.

The middle part not so good, playing firebox, sign of the times. But then the not so common Ready or not, great. After that back in the no mans land… 

The Beast is not the beast to song it could have been, really not suitable tonight. 

With some help from the crowds handclaps Joey rocks of with a decent version of Superstious, including a soulful solo by Norum. Then killing the mood by sing along with the audience. 

Can I guess wat the last song will be??? 


Ending with The final countdown as usually, great song, ok performance. 

To summarize another day at work for Europe… 

Rating: 🤘🤘🤘 (of 5)

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